La Sportiva TarantuLace Women?s Rock Climbing Shoe Review

La Sportiva TarantuLace Women?s Rock Climbing Shoe Review

There are many types of rock climbing, and many of them require different kinds of equipment due to the terrain, potential weather conditions, or other factors. The most common form of rock climbing that a layperson would think of is mountain climbing.

Mountain climbing involves climbing natural structures such as cliffs, ledges, or rougher rocky surfaces that are found near, on, or around mountains. Rock climbing tends to be the most scenic, yet challenging form of climbing. There is little room for error especially when it comes to equipment.

On another hand, you have bouldering. Bouldering is a form of climbing in which you climb shorter distances over smaller obstacles, such as boulders, which is where the name of this form of climbing originates.

Bouldering tends to be safer than mountain climbing, but you can still be injured if improperly trained or equipped.

Climbing equipment is one of the most important investments you can make if you want to stay safe while you practice the activity.

La Sportiva Women?s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe


Along with proper training, good equipment is paramount to ensure a fun and effective climbing experience. Many different items are needed to round out your climbing kit.

Most climbing equipment can be rented from the venue at which you will be climbing. This helps you save money, especially if you are not an overly frequent climber. It also saves you the trouble of having to find room to store your equipment and spend time keeping it properly maintained.

One of the most important parts of your climbing kit consists of your climbing shoes. Climbing shoes, along with climbing gloves are highly important because they are the some of the only parts of your kit that come into direct contact with your climbing surface. This helps you ensure adequate grip while you climb. 

We will now take a look at some of the aspects that go into making the best climbing shoes.

La Sportiva Women?s TarantuLace


Once we are done with that, we will get into our review of the La Sportiva TarantuLace climbing shoes.


One of the most important things to ensure when you purchase your climbing shoes is that they constitute good value for money.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that this would mean buying the cheapest possible climbing shoes. Just because shoes are cheap, doesn?t mean that they are worth the money.

Sometimes, you may get better value for money by spending a little more than you would have otherwise.

This is the case when you find shoes featuring good build quality which means that they will last you a long time. This is particularly important for climbing shoes, as they are exposed to damage from the climbing environment.


Another highly important characteristic when it comes to finding the best climbing shoes is how flexible they are. Climbing shoes are some of the most flexible shoes you will find available for purchase, both regarding the body and the sole.

The reason that flexibility is important for climbing shoes is that it allows your feet to better conform to the surface upon which you are climbing. This ensures better footholds and more stability in your climb. You will always want to ensure that your climbing shoes are as flexible as possible without sacrificing integrity.

About The Product

The TarantuLace women?s climbing shoes are manufactured by La Sportiva, one of the more experienced makers of climbing equipment. These shoes are some of the best you will find in several categories thanks to their excellent build quality and wide variety of extra features which are ideal for climbers.

Specifications Of The La Sportiva TarantuLace Women?s Rock Climbing Shoe

  • Shoes feature a quick lacing system that allows you to get ready to climb
  • Shoes are highly flexible, allowing for easier climbing
  • Shoes feature a comfortable upper for a better fit
  • Shoes are made of resilient and flexible materials
  • Shoes feature a lined tongue for better sweat absorption
La Sportiva Women?s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe


We found the TarantuLace to be one of the best pairs of women's climbing shoes that we have ever reviewed. The use of several advanced materials in their construction improves some of the most important characteristics to rock climbers, such as grip, comfort, and many other design aspects.

For example, the soles of these shoes are brilliantly designed, thanks to the use of FriXion RS rubber. This rubber is highly durable, yet it maintains its grip for a longer period than many competing models of climbing shoes. High-quality materials are used in other parts of the shoes as well.

These shoes also feature a good amount of protection for your feet. Many affordable models of climbing shoes tend to feature a good amount of grip, but they neglect to protect your feet while climbing. The TarantuLace climbing shoes will ensure that your feet don't get irritated or blister throughout your climb.

What Others Say

We have also looked at what customers have had to say in their reviews and testimonials about this product. Many customers are highly impressed by the construction quality of these shoes. This construction quality ensures that these shoes will last you for a longer time than most other types of climbing shoes.

La Sportiva Women?s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe


When it comes to the negatives, some customers had problems finding the right size for their feet. Since this is one of the more difficult parts of buying shoes online, it is to be expected. A way to ensure that you don?t have to order your shoes over and over again is to pay close attention to the sizing chart.

Buying Advice

These climbing shoes tend to run a little more expensive than some of the lower end models at your disposal, but they make up for it regarding quality. They are priced at around 80 dollars. You can find these shoes at local mountaineering stores as well as online retailers such as Amazon.


The La Sportiva TarantuLace climbing shoes are some of the highest quality women's climbing shoes you will be able to find available. We hope that this review has been adequate and has helped you decide what you may need. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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